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Overweight Dogs And What You Can do About it

Posted by Admin Tuesday, August 7, 2012 0 comments
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Overweight Dogs And What You Can do About it, There is a reason why dogs are called Man's best friend. They need surgeries to fix some health conditions, they have dental problems, they get annoyed when their neighbor runs the lawn mower early in the morning, and they can also become overweight. Some dog owners believe that when their dog suddenly finishes its meal in a few seconds flat, it's starving. In some cases yes, it may be true, especially if the owner left the dog alone without any food for more than 8 hours. Usually owners provide their dog with a second helping, which may lead to it becoming overweight.

Overweight Dogs

Owners can determine if their dog is overweight by checking if the space between the ribs and the belly (the area from the base of the ribs and the dog's rear, otherwise known as a tuck-up) appears to be accumulating a lot of fat. It is important to remember that there are certain dog breeds that have relatively large waists at the start, such as beagles, Labrador Retrievers, and cocker spaniels. In order to be completely sure if their dog is overweight or not, dog owners can bring their pet to a veterinarians office for a check-up.

Once the veterinarian has diagnosed the dog as overweight, there are certain steps that the owner can do to help the dog lose weight. First is by slowly decreasing the amount of food being given to the dog, and eliminating any extra snacks or tidbits that are usually handed to it throughout the day. This can cause the dog to whine or complain - after all, wouldn't we do the same if we were suddenly given less amount of food than we usually eat? Owners can feed their dog twice a day to keep the whining to a minimum. If owners must give their dog a snack, it should be something healthy like an apple slice.

The dog should also be kept away from the table during mealtimes. Kids may mean well when they sneak a couple of beef slices to their beloved pet, but those extra slices can set a dog back when it comes to losing the extra weight.

Another important detail when dealing with an overweight dog is giving it enough exercise. Owners should schedule several walks around the neighborhood; not only will their dog get the chance to exercise, but owners also get to stretch their legs and enjoy a refreshing walk. Before planning a rigorous exercise plan for the dog right off the bat, be careful. Like humans, dogs can tire out easily if they haven't been walking, running, or moving about a lot, so they may pull a muscle or experience breathing problems. Owners should take things slowly, such as starting out with a brisk walk around the block before moving on at a faster pace once the dog builds up more stamina.

Dealing with an overweight dog isn't hard. All owners have to do is to put themselves in the dog's shoes. After all, fat is fat, whether you find it on your belly or on a dog's body.

By John Greer
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