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Love Your Dog With Dog Treats

Posted by Admin Monday, August 6, 2012 0 comments
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Love Your Dog With Dog Treats, Lets make our dogs happy today with a variety of dog treats in our grocery store. Did you ever notice that there is a larger variety of dog treats than just a plain old bone? The pet's aisle in the stores has a large selection of treats for our dogs now a day.

Love Your Dog With Dog Treats

The treats that they have out for dogs today have all different type of flavors and names. They seem to be getting more like human food than for dogs. You know what I don't think that the dogs are complaining any about the different types of treats are out there.

They now get the choice of chicken, beef, vegetable, and cheese flavor in doggie bones. Oh yes lets not forget the bacon and pepperoni stick flavors. Then there is the good old large rawhide bone that almost always takes a dog quite a while to chew the whole way through.

To be honest I don't think that the puppies mind one bit about the different flavors or variety's that they come in. A lot of them will do many different types of activities to just receive one treat, such as sitting up or rolling over and even just give those puppy eyes to have you give in to them.

Did you ever figure on standing in the pet's isle for a while trying to figure out just what brand of treat your dog will eat? You end up standing there trying to figure out if they would want a large rawhide bone, small chewy bone, or sticks.

Some people will spend and outrageous amount of money so that their dog will only get the best treat to eat. But if you look closely at the treats there is not much of a difference in what is in them from the most expensive to the cheapest brand of treats. Yet some people will only get the treats by what is on the front of the box instead of paying attention to what is really in the box of treats for their dogs.

Really, does your pet care what is in the box all they really want is to be loved by their owner and given lots of attention?

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