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Five Tips for Car Travel with your Dog

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 4, 2012 0 comments
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Five Tips for Car Travel with your Dog, While many people love to drive around with their dogs as company, there are those who actually need them around everywhere they go, such as in the case of guide dogs. In these cases, the driver is not only concerned about their passenger’s safety, they also need to make sure that the dog will stay put and is comfortable.

Dog Travel

Here are some tips to ensure that you and your dog will enjoy a safe and pleasant car ride.


Try to imagine that your dog is a baby or small child every time you take it with you for a drive. Just as you would with a baby, you need to make sure you have the essentials with you in your car. These include dog food, toys, and even medicine, in case your dog might need them. Try to get a container that you can just hide under the back seat where you can store all of your dog’s items.


You have to set very strict rules with your dog. Teach it about what it can and cannot do while it is inside the car. It is important that you train it to not stick its head out the car while it’s moving to avoid any accidents. You will also need to teach it to stay put while you are driving.

Platform and ramps

If your dog has problems getting on and off the car, especially if it has degenerative myelopathy, then you might need to help it out with a small ramp or platform. This way, your dog can walk up the platform and get into the car without any trouble. You can also help it out by supporting it or by using one of those strap-on body supporters specifically designed for dogs. These commonly have holes or rings where you can secure a leash on. Help them get into the car by pulling them up.

Traveling Cage

For long drives, you may want to place your dog in a traveling cage. Being stuck in the car for extended periods may lead the dog to feel uncomfortable and start bothering you while you are driving. If you have a big car, like an SUV, you can place the cage at the back. For smaller dogs, they can be placed on the passenger seat. If your dog can fit inside a dog bag, then this will do as well.


During long drives, always stop to give yourself and your dog a rest. Dogs that have degenerative myelopathy will need to stretch their legs every now and then. Take a break, stop the car and take the dog out for a short walk. Both of you will need it.

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Five Tips for Car Travel with your Dog, travel with dog
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