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How To Train Your Doberman Puppy

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 4, 2012 0 comments
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Many families have found that Dobermans are a great choice for a family pet. If you are looking for a good pet, you will definitely want to look at Doberman puppies for sale in San Jose CA. Once you have found the right Doberman puppy, and you are ready to take it home, you will want to make sure you understand how to best train it. Because of their high intelligence, Doberman puppies for sale in San Jose CA are often noted for being good dogs to train. Here are a few things that may help you easily and quickly train your Doberman puppy.

One of the most important things to understand when training a Doberman puppy, or any other dog for that matter, is that they need to be loved. Dogs want to please their owners, so positive reinforcement is often one of the best methods of training. Instead of hurting or yelling at your new Doberman puppy when it does something you don’t like, you will likely find greater success by positively reinforcing it for its good actions. When your Doberman puppy recognizes how pleased you are when it does certain things, it will likely want to continue doing those same actions. Negative reinforcements often just confuse puppies and instead of learning a new or changed behavior they might simply learn not to trust you. This is just something you may want to keep in mind, although you may have your own methods for training.

Many Doberman puppies for sale in San Jose CA are very capable of quickly learning tricks and how to play catch. From going to the bathroom outside to playing dead, no matter what type of thing you are trying to train your new Doberman puppy to do, you will probably recognize that repetition can be very important. Some new tricks can come quickly to puppies, but there are some things that may take a few more times. Be sure to be clear and consistent each time, and you will likely notice success very soon.

When you have learned how to train your new Doberman puppy, you will probably notice that the two of you have learned to love and trust each other more than you realized. As with many other successful family pets, your Doberman puppy will likely become much more than a dog to you. As a friend and companion, you won’t know what to do without your Doberman.

Give your Doberman puppies for sale in San Jose CA the love they need with positive reinforcement. When you follow a few simple tips, you can easily and quickly train your Doberman puppies for sale in San Jose CA.

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