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Anemia in Dogs

Posted by Admin Friday, August 3, 2012 0 comments
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Dear dogs lover....

Anemia in dogs is a common thing, just like in humans. Sometimes it is very hard to diagnose it. Anemia is not severe unless it is properly controlled. If it is left out of hand, it can cause death.

The Hemolytic Anemia

This kind of anemia is an autoimmune disease that depends on many factors. Most of the times the female dogs are more affected than males. Some breeds are more affected than others and these breeds include: terriers, spaniels, poodles, etc. Some triggers for the hemolytic anemia may include bee venom, bee infection, zinc contamination etc.

Possible Causes

The red blood cells in the body do not function properly and this can cause anemia.

Another cause may be the disorders and diseases of the red blood cells. Sometimes blood loss can determine this and so does the insufficient production of red blood cells are also responsible for the same. Other infectious diseases, iron deficiency, severe injuries, cancer, autoimmune diseases and some genetic disorders can cause this in dogs.

Basic Symptoms

Sometimes the pale gums are a clear indication of anemia. Many dogs also display weakness and they can even faint many times. Sometimes they even develop a yellowish skin and they vomit. In rare cases anemia can determine blood in the urine or the feces. Sometimes the pulse of the dog tends to decrease and he also experiences difficulty in breathing. Behavior changes also occur.

Dogs anemia Treatments

Treating the underlying problems is the best way to deal with this issue. Healing anemia is all about curing the causes. It is best to go to the veterinarian and let him provide the treatment. He will do several tests to determine the best course of action. The dog must also eat quality dog food.

Also, make sure to keep the dog well hydrated. Make him take sufficient rest. These remedies will not help is getting rid of anemia but, they will definitely help in alleviating the situation. Also, make sure that the place where the dog is residing in clean, neat and tidy. Also, you must give your dog food that has a lot of iron in it.

In this way he will get iron through natural sources. If the dog suffers from ticks, worms, fleas or any parasite you must get rid of them. There are many remedies that will help you with that and they are not at all expensive.

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