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Some Thoughts About Caring For Puppies

Posted by Admin Monday, September 3, 2018 0 comments
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Caring for puppies is a big responsibility whether you are a seasoned owner or a new puppy parent. Yes, it gets easier with the second 'child' but the requirements for caring for a puppy or two are the same. This is why before you decide to be a puppy mom or dad, make sure you are committed to doing everything you can to ensure the well-being of your new bundle of fur.

What's for breakfast? 

One important responsibility of a puppy owner is to feed her with healthy, nutritionally balanced puppy food. You can opt for commercially made food products that are either dry (kibble type) or wet (canned). Then there are the natural puppy foods that you can prepare at home or buy from reliable manufacturers. Whichever type of puppy food you choose, make sure to ask for advice from your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian is the best person to tell you what your puppy's nutritional requirements are. This is based on the puppy's age, breed, and health condition. Some puppies are born with skin allergies so it is best to know what natural foods or commercially prepared food products they cannot tolerate.

Before the puppies reach the age of 4 months, feeding is done three times a day. On the fourth month, you can reduce the number of meals to two (breakfast and dinner). Never leave the food bowl out the whole day to avoid eating disorders. Fresh water should be made available to you puppy only until about 7 pm so she doesn't have the urge to go during the night.


Puppies are like babies...they need lots sleep. Make sure that your puppy has a comfortable bed or a crate. Never allow your puppy to sleep on your bed. Otherwise, she will own that bed and you'll never get her off without a fight. When a puppy is sleeping, don't wake her. Some scientists say that it is during sleep that your puppy's growth and development happens.

It was an accident. 

All puppies must be house broken. Puppies usually need to do their business upon waking up in the morning and after naps as well as after meals. Patience and consistence are the keys to training your puppy to go on schedule and at the appointed place. Watch for signs that your puppy needs to go. They usually sniff around at a particular spot or turn around like a carousel. When you see these signs, bring her out for a bathroom break. If you don't want accidents to happen, don't let your puppy loose all day especially if you cannot watch her the whole time.

Puppy pre school. 

You are your puppy's first teacher. For her to be a well-adjusted member of your family, puppy training is important. Housebreaking is usually the first thing your puppy needs to learn. Then there is crate training. This involves teaching her that the crate is her special place. In her crate she should have comfortable bedding, a chew toy or two and water just outside it. Another important thing to teach your puppy is wearing a collar and walking on a leash. A puppy that is trained to walk on a leash is a joy to cruise around with in the neighborhood. Leash training is also a foundation for teaching your puppy more advanced commands.

Bad puppy, not! 

There is no such thing as a bad puppy, just as there is no such thing as a bad child. Puppies are just being true to themselves. They love to chew, bark, jump up and go whenever and wherever they feel like going. It is your responsibility to train your puppy as to which behaviors are acceptable in your home. Dogs in generally love to please their masters. Therefore, by training your puppy early on what is acceptable behavior and eliminating bad ones, she will grow up to be an adult dog who's main mission in life is to please you.

Do I look good? 

Grooming is also part of caring for puppies. Puppies don't really need to be bathe unless they rolled around in the mud. You can use a damp terry to wipe away dirt and a dry one to well, dry her coat. For puppies will long and curly hair, comb the tangled fur. Use a nail clipper specifically for puppies to cut those sharp little nails. Brush your puppy's teeth with a little doggie toothpaste and a puppy toothbrush. Clean her ears once in awhile.

What's up doc? 

Make sure to bring your puppy to your friendly neighborhood vet for vaccinations as well as well-puppy check-ups. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to seek your vet's advice.

Everyone wants to shower their puppies with love and care. To love your puppy means to care for her needs. This can, at times prove expensive (veterinary visits and food) and downright tiring (training and cleaning up after a pup). However, the love that a puppy returns to her owner can never be measured. With a bit of patience, understanding and consistency in how you care for her, you will be rewarded with a healthy, well-behaved and extremely loyal friend for life.
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