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5 Easy Puppy Training Tips

Posted by Admin Monday, September 3, 2018 0 comments
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Who does not love puppies? Of course, every one of us would like to own puppies because they are man's best friend. Having a puppy does not only bring fun to a person's life but it also comes with new responsibilities. These responsibilities should not be neglected instead these must be one of your priorities. Yes, puppies are cute but there is a higher possibility that they can be a nuisance at your home if they are not trained well. They can be a threat to your visitor if they are not properly taught. For you to have a fun and enjoyable time with your puppy here are 5 easy puppy training tips that would be helpful to you.

Tip 1. Never leave your puppy unattended. If the puppy is not well trained, he tends to follow his instincts by biting your sofa, peeing on the floor, climbing on your bed, and others. To avoid this, you must keep an eye on him and train him not do these things. If you do not have enough time to oversee your new puppy, you can try getting a dog kennel of highest quality.

Tip 2. Expose your puppy to the outside world. Let your dog socialize by bringing him into the park where there are lots of people as well as other dogs. But before bringing the puppy at some crowded places, your puppy must already be used to being touched or patted by strangers. If you plan to bring your puppy to the vet for a check-up or to the pet shop to be groomed, you must check the puppy's teeth, pat the paws, hold the belly, and stroke the ears before proceeding to the shop. With these, your puppy will not be conscious when you bring him to the vet, the groomer, or if some children wants to touch your puppy.

Tip 3. The effective puppy training tips include the use of hand signals and motivation. Hands signals will help tell the puppies what their masters want them to do. Since dogs are very good at reading body language, it is most advantageous to teach them when they are still puppies. Motivation is another factor that hastens the training pace of your puppy. Positive reinforcements are highly recommended when training your puppy the basic skills like sit, roll over, and lie down.

Tip 4. Feed the puppy on a regular schedule. If the puppy knows the specific time to eat, the puppy will be trained to be never violent with his bowl when eating. In this training, obesity of your puppy can also be prevented. If the puppy knows his feeding schedules, it follows that he will easily learn to obey a command such as stop, sit, and move.

Tip 5. You must never appear dominant for your puppy when training him. Show him leadership not dominance. Teach your puppy to just lie with their belly instead of the "Alpha roll".

Of these 5 easy puppy training tips, the most important is letting your dog learn how to socialize. Remember to always pat his head, rub his warm belly and touch his whole body so he could automatically adjust should other people give him a pat on the head.

Everyone wants to have his own dog. But it is wise to already bring a dog in your house while he is still a puppy. A puppy can be easily trained as you can teach him a specific behaviour you want him to possess. Crate training puppy is the most efficient and effective way of training a puppy. What is crate training? Is it easy to do? These are some questions you may ask yourself.

What is crate training?
Your dog should learn to love their crate so that they won't pee or destroy it. Crates for them should be their safe haven or their special den. During the training you must prepare the following,

a)an appropriate crate for your puppy,
b)diary and pen,
c)toy and
d)rewards or treats.

The crate should not be too large since having a huger crate for your puppy will encourage him to pee on one end and sleep on the other. Crate training puppy would be enough for your puppy to learn when and where to pee or poop. Through this training he will learn to control his bowel movement. In the future with the help of this training, you can already leave him unsupervised and run free on your house.

How to do it
Immediately put your puppy in the crate after he arrives at your house. Don't let him free when he's unsupervised because he will surely chew on your sofa and poop everywhere without proper training. The puppy must only stay at the crate for only a short period of time. Locking him up in the crate for longer periods will just worsen the behaviour of your puppy. Never let the puppy out when he is just fussing. If you let him out, you teach him to just fuss enough so he could get out of the crate. Give him lots of rewards like toys when he is in the crate. For two hour intervals, let him out and bring him to a place where he could eliminate. If he doesn't poop then bring him back in the crate. Give him rewards or some treats when he poops the time you bring him out. As a reward, you can also let him run free in your house longer than the usual time.

Get your diary and record the time when he usually does his peeing and pooping. Use this as your basis on when to let him out to eliminate. Always praise him whenever he follows your command. If you already identify the specific time that your puppy pees, usher him to the right spot to pee. After several tries of this routine, he will learn when to pee and where. If you can observe a great improvement with his behaviour, you can lengthen the time of his exposure to the outside world and take him to a walk. In the crate training puppy, you need to avoid having mistakes because you have to go back to the training process for several weeks or even months if you fail to use it properly. Don't leave him alone even if he is in the crate. If you need to go to the living room, take him with you by putting him on a leash. If you haven't observed any improvement after several months of training, you need to go back to the start of training process because you may have made some mistakes during the process. Remember, don't get mad at your puppy and don't be cruel if he messes up. Lastly, don't let the puppy see you cleaning his mess.
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