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How to Stop That Puppies Chewing?

Posted by Admin Monday, September 3, 2018 0 comments
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Puppies love to chew things, let's face it we have all had to deal with chewing puppies at one time or another. So you're trying to stop puppies chewing! How are you going to get it into his little head that furniture costs money and your hands, arms or any exposed body part are not chew toys for puppies. If you are like me, then it's kind of difficult to continuously harass the cute little pup for doing what is natural to him. Key to solving this issue is to ensure your new furry friend does not get too bored and also redirect his attention to less expensive or painful alternatives. So, the key to stop puppies chewing would be to let him chew, but find alternatives. The pup needs to teeth anyway and this puppies chewing is part of his teething process.

Why to Stop Puppies chewing

Puppies chewing behavior seems like natural behavior, right? Well yes and no. I suppose we can say yes puppies chewing behavior is normal, but no, puppies chewing on me or my valuable stuff is not normal. Bear in mind puppies don't deal in dollars and cents, so your expensive Persian rug or possessions are just chew toys or puppies. A good reason why you would want to redirect or stop puppies chewing on your valuable items is they cost loads of money. Also, if the puppy is just left to do whatever he wants, this is going to possibly lead to bad dog behavior as the puppy matures. Nip this bad dog behavior in the bud, to save yourself both physically and financially, further down the line. Stop puppies chewing on you or your stuff by providing good and effective alternatives for your puppy.

How to Stop Puppies chewing

You need to stop puppies chewing right away, or as soon as the little guy starts sinking those needle like "chompers" into things. There are some things you can do to stop puppies chewing behavior. For starters never shout loudly at your puppy. Secondly, never hit the puppy for any reason and always try control your anger around the pup. Do not focus your anger on the puppy. These actions will just confuse the young boy and will prevent him from understanding, what it is, he has done to upset you. Dogs and puppies don't see wrong and right like we do. If you want your puppy to grow into a well behaved dog, then some of the following pointers need to be noted.

Bad Dog Behavior Adjustment - This is really going to save your sanity and your back pocket. Do not stop the puppies chewing, but rather when you catch the little guy in the act, replace what he is chewing with suitable chew toys for puppies. When he accepts this and focuses his chewing on the chew toy, give him lots of praise. The pup needs to know that this is good dog behavior and what you expect. As usual you need to repeat this action until the puppy quits his bad dog behavior.

Your Puppy must be kept Busy - These little guys get bored very quickly. A bored puppy is going to chew, oh yes, it's like eating sweets for kids. Sure enough, teething will bring on puppies chewing more than usual to alleviate the pain and irritation associated with puppy teething. Make sure your puppy gets regular workouts. A tired puppy is going to chew a lot less and he will be a lot healthier for it as well. Make sure there are enough distractions for the puppy. There are loads of chew toys for puppies that you can purchase or just make up from old junk. The key is to keep the puppy interested in his chew toys and not your stuff if you want to stop puppies chewing. If you are home, play as much as possible with the little guy. I'm sure you will have a string of volunteers to do this in your home anyway.

Puppies are just great to play with.
Puppy Crate Training - If your job or daily routine means there is nobody at home during the day you are going to have to come up with some solution to stop puppies chewing. Crate training is a good idea here, as it will make your puppy become accustomed to a more confined space. That way you can limit access to your whole home and perhaps restrict your dog's habitat to one room of your home whilst there is nobody at home. Make sure to provide plenty of interesting chew toys for puppies and also be sure that he cannot tip over his water supply or worse still become trapped in it. Imagine leaving a toddler to his own devices for an entire day, I don't think that would be viable, but just imagine. Then use the same apprehension and preparation when doing this to your puppy.

Aversion Sprays to stop puppies chewing - Maybe you did not know this but puppies and grown dogs simply do not like the taste of Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper. There are plenty of good sprays available which you can buy. To stop puppies chewing, simply spray the valuable items that you do not want puppies chewing with these sprays. The puppy will soon lose interest in chewing the sprayed items as the taste will not be good to him.

In order to save your fingers and your possessions you will need to do some or all of the above to stop puppies chewing. In a nutshell it's all about redirecting what gets chewed and what is ignored.

Most important to stop puppies chewing - Consistency
In order to really stop puppies chewing you need to remove any confusing signals that you may inadvertently be sending to him. For instance, don't give your pup stuffed chew toys for puppies and then expect him to ignore your children's stuffed toys or any other stuffed toys that may be in his area. The puppy is not going to be selective. He will just chew all stuffed toys he can get hold of, because they are OK to chew on, aren't they? Rather remove all temptation from your pups area. Yes be stern with your pup, he needs to know who the Alpha Dog is. But also be fair. The pup just wants to please you and if you let him, he will do even more than that. He will make your belly ache with laughter at some of his silly antics. Puppies are really great fun and please always appreciate that innocent commitment and dedication that they give you, return the favour. Good luck with your puppies chewing and may all his chewing be on the right stuff.
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