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The Best Training For Puppies

Posted by Admin Saturday, September 1, 2018 0 comments
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I love all sorts of animals, especially dogs and puppies. Whenever you see them they make you fall in love with them at first sight. This feeling makes us want them and we usually end up taking them home. But once we have brought them home we then come to our senses and didn't think the full thing through. It seemed such a good idea at the time. We quickly realise when the puppy is being naughty that we need to train our puppies.

However, if our puppy grows up with these bad habits then it can be very difficult to re-train them later in their life. The saying is true 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks'. Therefore the best option is to train our puppies. Our houses probably won't last much longer either without a bit of training for our puppies. Training our puppies can seem difficult and knowing where to start can be a problem. But what we need to find out is what is the best training for our puppies.

Not too long ago i brought a puppy home that I loved when I first saw her.

I also thought training a puppy will be a breeze. There's nothing to it. But I was mistaken. I was in the position that I had a puppy that I loved so much in such a short time but was very destructive. My house was being destroyed in days and knew that I had to train her quickly to save my home from ending up looking like a building site. But I didn't know where to start with training for puppies.

Looking through the TV planner i noticed that the dog whisperer was on.

So I thought this would be interesting and will watch it to see what useful ideas I could learn and put into practice myself. The program was about an ignorant and violent dog that was out of control. The lady owner was pregnant at the time and was struggling to look after the dog safely. Therefore to help out the situation the dog need to be trained. But by watching it I learned very little if anything because I think a lot of the secrets were cut out. So I still needed some training for my puppy.

However it was consistent that all the dog owners ignore the fact they need to train their puppy's which results in a naughty dog later in life. Training for your puppy is not easy and can be confusing but with a little help you can achieve anything and the effort is worth its rewards.

Therefore I needed to do a bit of research to find out how to train my puppy. The one thing I wanted to know was what is the best training for puppies.

From there I would have a starting point to expand on. There were many free downloads available but when i received them they were very reduced in quality. There was little information and tips in the documents and were simply just advertising themselves. However, I didn't expect any more for nothing. I would not recommend them but you can always check them out yourself. The harsh rule I found out is if you want something then you have got to pay for it.

So I started searching the internet just like you have done to see what ebooks I could purchase to use to help train my puppy. The content what was included was important to me so I knew that the basics of dog training were covered.

There was so much involved in training puppies and thought this is going to be impossible. Training for walking on a lead, where to do the toilet, not to bite or chew etc.

But i started following an eBook that I purchased which I have used to successfully train my puppy, friends and families puppies. The training for puppies eBook I bought is ideal for all breeds of dogs.

Training For Puppies

Teaching Your Puppy Their Name

The first thing in training for puppies is teaching them their name.

You cant do anything if your puppy doesn't know their name. Higher results are achieved if this training is completed several times a day for a few minutes just to strengthen your puppy's understanding of their name. Equip yourself with lots of treats and toys and put your puppy on their lead. The lead is used to give you some gentle control over your puppy's movements. Therefore if you lose their attention and they start to wander, you can stop them from walking away without running after them.

One thing that you must put across and is very easily missed is that you are in charge. It can be very difficult to put this across to a puppy because you don't want to scare them. But by putting you in charge and letting it be known it will become easier in the more advanced training sessions. Use your treats and toys to attract the puppy's attention and call their name.

If the puppy responds by looking at you then give them a reward. Next, hold the treat up to your face so the puppy has to respond by looking up at you. When your puppy looks up at you they are rewarded. Repeating this several times a day will decrease the time to take for your puppy to learn their name.

When you reward your puppy with a treat, also use verbal praise by telling your puppy that they are good. It may seem silly but it will be a boost for their confidence and they will recognise your voice better. If it's good for us then it will be good for them. Further in to the training the sound of your voice will be the reward and the rare treat is just a bonus.

This exercise should also be completed using a toy to attract your puppy's attention. Call your puppy's name and squeak their toy or tap their ball on the floor. Next try holding the toy up to your face and call your puppy's name. Fetch is a good game for using your puppy's name and is another good bit of training for your puppy to learn their name. By throwing their toy gently to (remember, they are on their lead so don't throw the ball to far!).

allow your puppy to chase their toy, and gently guide them back to you to continue the game.

The best results can be achieved by experimenting with different toys, treats and tones of voice to learn what works best for your puppy. You must remember to reward your puppy when they respond to their name. This is how they will come to know that this specific sound really is their name.

When you are confident of getting your puppy's attention and holding it for a short period of time, you could start to introduce new lessons and positions into your training sessions.

The training tip above is just one part of training for puppies. There are many more things to teach like how to walk on a lead otherwise this can be very embarrassing in front of the neighbours.

I have published the training of the name tip by teaching myself from the following ebook. So teach yourself, teach your puppy and help teach others. I hope you have as many successes and enjoyments with your puppies as i have. It's all worth it for what a puppy can bring to your life and family.
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