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Dog Skin Problems Have Many Causes

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 4, 2012 0 comments
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There are many pet owners that are bothered with different ailments their dogs suffer from. These illnesses have different consequences for both the dog and the owner. When their dogs begin to suffer with dog skin problems, many pet owners are alarmed and do what is necessary to fix the problem.

Dog skin problem

There are many different causes to dog skin problems. When dogs are exposed to different things in their environment, their skin can react negatively to it. There are many different reactions and cures for these reactions.

There are a lot of environmental stimuli that can cause an allergic reaction in a dog. This is normally called allergic dermatitis. When a dog is exposed to something that they are allergic to, they can develop an alarming, itchy rash. Pet owners normally take their dog to a vet for a corticosteroid but that isn't the only thing that will help. Pet owners need to find what caused it and get rid of it.

Pet owners everywhere hate the thought of their dogs getting fleas. These pests are another cause of dog skin problems. These fleas can get on a dog from a number of different places but the infestation can cause the dog to scratch and lick themselves constantly. As they scratch, they can cause dog hot spots or scabs to form on their skin. Rather than ignore the problem, most pet owners treat the fleas with oral medicines or ointment and clean their play and sleep areas.

Many other things can cause dog skin problems. There are some things that are biological and can't be prevented. When the cause is biological, it can be harder to detect. Once it is diagnosed, it can be easily treated.

A yeast infection in a dog is one of the most common biological causes for dog skin problems. These infections come from an overpopulation of naturally growing yeast on the dog's body. When a yeast infection begins, their skin can become very irritated and discolored. When a pet owner notices their dog scratching a lot, they should ask their vet to check for a yeast infection. This can be treated with an oral medicine, a topical cream or a medicated bath.

There are many medical crises that have been found because of a dog's skin. When a dog has skin changes or their skin's color begins to change, the owner should know this isn't normally. If a pet owner sees this in their dog, they should immediately ask their vet to check for hormonal or metabolic issues.

Dog skin problems can be severe or very easy to treat. When a dog shows behavioral changes such as excessive scratching or licking, it is important for the pet owner to look over the dog's body for changes. If there are noticeable changes, they should call their vet for a recommendation and work with their vet for treatment.

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