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Getting a Puppy What Do I Need?

Posted by Admin Monday, August 6, 2012 0 comments
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Getting a Puppy What Do I Need, New dog owners need to know all of the important things they are going to need to raise a happy and healthy pup. It isn't just about dog shampoo, there is much more to it. Luckily, you are reading this and we can help you out with a bunch of it.

Getting a Puppy What Do I Need?

Crates, Food, and Playing

The next thing you are going to need to consider is a crate. Every dog needs a crate, especially when they are going through the training phases. This is helpful for a number of reasons. This gives them somewhere for them to be that is comforting to them. This also gives you somewhere to put them when you need a bit of a break, but do not take it too far because living in a crate sucks.

You are going to need to make sure you have all kinds of other things like dog toys. Dog toys are great, but make sure that they are extra safe. Squeakers make a lot of dogs very happy and that may be the best way to go. If you get a thinking dog, maybe some sort of thinking games would be a great idea. They have plenty of those at the pet store, so make sure that you ask about them when you are there gathering the essentials.

They are going to need somewhere to eat and drink from, which means that you are going to find the best drinking and eating bowels out there. Dogs can be incredibly clumsy and if you do not feel like cleaning up mess after mess, finding ones that cannot be affected by movement and clumsiness will certainly help.

Puppy pads, dog harnesses, and the like

When you are training your puppy, you should make sure that there are puppy pads or newspaper down so that it doesn't mess up your house too much. Remember that it takes persistence and reliability to properly housebreak a dog, but it isn't rocket science. Just make sure you make the time needed to really bound and socialize with your dog, while making time to also train them in the best way possible.

Finding the best harness is incredibly important, so that you can hold your dog back when necessary. This especially helps when you are training your dog to behave themselves outside. This makes it easier to pull them back and they will be less apt to actually get loose, which cuts back on a few headaches that come from losing a dog.

These are just a few of the things you are going to need to consider when making purchases. Do not forget your dog shampoo and the basics, because they need to be clean, too. Just take the time to look into what you need and you should be fine.

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Getting a Puppy What Do I Need,New dog owners, Puppy pads, dog harnesses
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